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Lightning in Lowestoft (or Antigua?)

The Access Project in Lowestoft is inspirational - they provide both temporary and permanent homes for people. And their education-officer Don Smith does some wonderful work and during my week working with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, he pointed me in the direction of Cas, who I met in one of their properties. She wasn't able to come along to their 'Celebration of the Sea' project sessions so we visited her instead. She was such a positive character. She was born in Antigua and must be the first person ever to compare an Antguan harbour to that of Lowestoft's (she did say not to look at the colour of the water). But after spending a few minutes with her, I could see it. She had a wonderful turn of phrase and a brilliant sense of humour. Everything she said could have been the makings of a poem. She went for walks on Lowestoft beach first thing every morning. She closed her eyes, wiggled her toes in the sand as the water touched her feet. She could be anywhere she wanted to be. She also told me about how she creates lightning - with all the storms we've had recently, Cas must have been busy.

The Rave of the Sea
The sun kisses the sea
to say goodnight.
The moon arrives
a disco ball
ready to party
lights-up the stars
and the Lowestoft seagulls
are the bouncers
the bully-boys
the blatant bandits
at the rave of the sea.
My Lightning Bolt

Watching a storm
and being the most easterly
I stand and wait
and at the right moment
I point
and there's a bolt of lightning.
It’s my way
of getting the anger out.

by Cas
Access Community Project



The Chaotic Life in Orford

A hot and balmy Friday afternoon in June at Orford Primary School but we managed to come up with a sizzling Group Poem with a lively bunch of 5 & 6 students, about where they lived, their pets (I've never come across a Whalig before?), a wonderfully rickety old tree house and a tall grass field where you can lay down...

My Chaotic Life

My house has a white front door and 3 stone steps

My house is in a ofrest with peacocks and chickens

There’s a secret path leading to a climbing frame and swingset

There’s a rabbit called Stomper, the colour of chocolate.


My house has a black tough gate and a white door

My rabbit escaped through next door’s fence

There’s a dino-eating giant rabbit and a Whalig (half whale, half guinea-pig!)

There’s a lazy cat who eats his body weight in biscuits.


From my window I can see Orford Ness

My teddy is Mr Doge and I lay my head on him

There’s 8 horses, 5 goats, 11 chickens and too many fish

There’s a rickety tree house where I can the forest two miles away


In my bedroom there’s my massiuve Lego Millenium Falcon

There are two very lazy bull puthons and one very old smelly dog

I chill on a chair and play with my tablet

Or there’s a tall grass field where I go to lie down


I live in a house that had a black and white mouse

There’s a secret tree, keep it hush it belongs to us

There’s a dog called Flannel who will give you 400 licks

This is what we go through!


Year 5 & 6, Orford Primary School


Morning and Night and Other Adventures

We tackled times of days at Cedarwood Primary and came up with some amazing round the clock images of our daily lives. 'Morning and Night' feels like you're watching a film, as it takes us around the streets as dusk arrives and then shows the world coming to life in the morning. 'The Adventure of School' bounces through the day before hitting the subway again - in just nine energetic lines!


Morning and Night


The street lights shone on the back road

as the dark green leaves blew away in the wind.

Shops closed at the shadowy dark night

there was a cold dusk then the trees

that were green and big stood still.


As the morning came

The leaves stopped blowing away

the bright and burning street lights were about to go off

cars started to drive on the grey roads

the bright daffodils started to bloom

and the shops opened.


Ereka, Year 5


The Adventure of School


On my red and black bike

speeding down the subway

in the playground I hear the bell

and laughter and the birds singing

a June summer song

At lunchtime I hear

shouting and screaming

playing football

3.30 back on my bike

hitting the subway.


Sam, Year 5


Kountry Kids & Their Parents at Hollesley

I always enjoy visiting Hollesley Primary School. The school had been part of the first week of Poem for Suffolk workshops in the autumn and it was good to return in the summer term for a very special session with the students and their parents. We created a really energetic group poem - which everyone performed with gusto, all joining in with the 'parp!' of the Trumpet Club and the 'thwack' of the cricket bat. Altogether now...

Kountry Kids and Bubbly Bumpkins

Blue sky, cloudy, bright sun, full moon

Chickens digging holes for dirt-bath

Birds tweeting, swing pushing

The water tower lights up at night


Playing golf smashing my ball a thousand miles

Baking cakes, spoon bashing batter

Swimming in the river with a rope tied round my tummy

But the water sprinklers on the beaches are the most fun


The big massive trampoline and the socks on the table

Collecting shiny stones that crunch in my pocket

I make loud noises at Trumpet Club – parp!

Or improve our den by smacking the nettles away


My dog Chelsea – black with grey spots

Or walking Ralph with his slinky body

Rory Rabbit scuttling in the hay

The sleeping seals at Shingle Street


I see our massive cherry tree, out of control

Fast squirrels chasing and playing ‘IT’

The beautiful deer jump through my back garden

The lighthouse flashes on and off to warn us


I love thwack of cricket ball on my bat

The slap of the irrigation gun as it shoots to the plants

The pugging sound of tractors full of maize

Passing the rugby ball, squelching mud, ripping up the grass


The scrape of the pencil on the paper.


Parents & Students, Holllesley Primary School


While It Lasts

Three sessions and three Group Poems at Red Lodge Primary School and 'While It Lasts' was my favourite of the day. A Group Poem is always good fun to create - as you are gathering a line from each pupil, sometimes interesting juxtapositions occur or suddenly someone will suggest putting a line next to another and the whole room becomes filled with editors. From the unusual title and mysterious first line (and I love the surprise of the firework that comes next), the poem continues to surprise as it goes along.  And ends with some brilliant advice...


While It Lasts

The first thing you read contains the clue

the unexploded fireworks in the big fluffy blanket.


Going to the park to play on the swings

the eager children climb the narrow trees


Sweet wrappers fill the forest as the children walk through

I see bird poo and bubble gum and I put on my dance shoes


On Sunday my dog growled at me

and I saw four parachutes from my back garden


I put on my boots, get on my bike and ride to the farm

gravel and broken bricks fill the street


Putting on my red and blue number 9 shirt

my nose gets a whiff of the pollen


Munching a bowl of cereal, watching TV

enjoying it while it lasts.


Year 5, Red Lodge Primary