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Standby Poems: Time Enough by Dennis O'Driscoll

I've reached a certain age. When you can say things like, I went to Primary School forty years ago (and in the last century too). The early 1990s are a quarter of a century ago. The current England football team manager is the same age as me. This feeling has been exacerbated by my return to the books I published over twenty years ago, listening to the interviews I did with people born before the First World War, telling me how time flies and how they can't believe they are nearly ninety.

I have searched for this Dennis O'Driscoll's 'Time Enough' on more than one occasion, because it puts the record straight. I first read it in the American Poetry Review, as part of a double-spread of his work and I loved all the poems which would later appear in his 'Dear Life' collection (I emailed Dennis to tell him so and I'm glad that I did). And in this poem I love his calm and bookkeeper-like tone - that quiet voice. And it's given me a small antidote to those anxious thoughts about time flying and that it's all somehow been wasted. Actually, we do have the receipts. It's a poem that beautifully addresses those thoughts and one that I want close at hand, to remind me.


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