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During air raids, by torchlight

Working in a residential home this afternoon, the theme childhood and the games we played. Reminded of that now departing generation who were children in the Second World War, who were bombed in their houses, in their rural villages and small towns, some were evacuated, how they endured.

At 14 Cecil drove a tractor
careful not to go near the river

At 8 Les was rollerskating
knees grazed around country lanes

At 6 or 7 Tony had Dinky Toys
digging out garages and roads
in the spare land near the library

When they were old enough
Norman and Pat used to pop next door
to the undertakers to see
the locals in the Chapel of Rest

Rosemary, younger brother in arms,
found an unexploded bomb in his bed
before another landed in the staircase

And remembers playing draughts in the cellar,
during air raids, by torchlight

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